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Larry Drew Joins the Staff

The Bee reports that longtime assistant coach Larry Drew, late of Atlanta, is joining Reggie Theus' staff.

Drew actually played in Sacramento with Theus for one season, and in Kansas City a few years. It's like they're rebuilding the 1984-85 team before our eyes. We just need to replace Geoff Petrie with Billy Knight, get Mike Woodsen on the sidelines and LaSalle Thompson back on the halftime show. Maybe Joe Meriweather can be a Royal Court Dancer or something.

Not that this means anything, but: Theus just started filling up his staff, and he already has more blacks on the sidelines than Musselman did. (Theus, Drew, Natt vs. T.R. Dunn and Mark Hughes... and Dunn was the requisite Adelman hold-over.)