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Daniel Artest Does God's Work, Endorses Artest-for-Lee to NY Media

Have I mentioned that I love Daniel Artest recently? From Marc Berman, New York Post:

Reached at his hotel, Daniel Artest told The Post last night, "I'm not disrespecting David's game, but I think Ron is a better player than David Lee. I understand about their long term, but they should go for it now. David's going to get less touches with Zach [Randolph] anyway."

Amen. Can we get Dan-Dan on the phone to Zeke?

To recap: A player on our summer league endorses a trade of one of our players to another team based on the reasoning said trade will improve the other team. Next: Major Wingate tells the Orlando Sentinel that Otis Smith should send a resigned Darko Milicic to Sacramento for Mike Bibby, because then the Magic would contend for the conference title.