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Required Reading on Traditional Media's Abusive Relationship With Blogs

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Matt Ufford wrote a tremendous piece on FanHouse re: recent traditional media gaffes relating to blog content. It was spurred by the ridiculously hilarious mistake SI's Ian Thomsen made, quoting an obvious/disclosed satire by Miss Gossip as fact without citing a source. In short, Thomsen stole a fake quote.

Ufford (who writes With Leather and is a hilarious chap in general) hits the mole on the head. Yes, the mole -- these constant reminders of media's blog xenophobia turn these otherwise talented reporters/writers into a laughable game. Fish in a barrel.

For the record, I've only been alluded to in the local paper -- Sam Amick paraphrased my joke without attribution. I didn't care terribly -- it wasn't that good a line, and Sam has been beyond kind/helpful/decent to me. I think Sam does a terrific job, and he 'gets' it more than most traditional reporters I've dealt with. But yeah... It shouldn't be considered courtesy to credit a source, it should be considered required. It is when you're pulling reportage from the Los Angeles Times... why wouldn't it be when you're pulling something from a blog?

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