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Wait, Theus' Kid is on a Reality Show?

Yep, teenaged daughter Roqui Theus is a star of BET's Baldwin Hills, a show I once flipped by on the way to Anthony Bourdain's show on the Travel Channel. I can't watch Laguna Beach, so it's unlikely I could put up with a rip-off of it.

Sam Amick's Insider column has much more important news, though: Brad Miller drives his boat to the local bar, Justin Williams' contract is not fully guaranteed, Harold Pressley quit his job as team chaperone director of player development. Lots of interesting stuff.

Something we had heard before but got lost in the shuffle: Mikki Moore's third year (2009-10) is only guaranteed for $2 million. If the Kings cut him by June 20, 2009, they only owe him that. Previously, we pointed to the Moore signing as well as the Kenny Thomas and Shareef Abdur-Rahim contracts to indicate 2010 would be the real summer of rebuilding. But it could happen in 2009 after all.