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Center Darryl Watkins On Verge of Signing With Kings?

Despite a "small sample size" worth of playing time in this year's summer league, news reports are saying that center 6-foot-11, 258-pound Darryl Watkins is on the verge of signing a partially-guaranteed one-year contract with the Kings in the neighborhood of $450,000 this season.

New Jersey's Herald News quotes both Watkins and his agent, who pretty much state the contract is a done deal.

"I'm very excited," Watkins said. "I'm definitely happy that the Sacramento team is given me a chance to live out my dream. I'm planning to go out there and get to training camp and do what I'm capable of and possibly get a spot on the roster."

In this year's summer league, Watkins averaged 12.9 points and 11.5 boards per 40 minutes played, making him one of only two Kings (Justin Williams being the other) to average the quasi-double-double. Watkins also is also known to have strong capabilities as a shot-blocker, and will find himself in a very crowded situation in Sacramento, battling for a roster spot with Spencer Hawes and Williams, while Brad Miller and Mikki Moore look to be locks come tipoff on game one.