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All Time Roster By The Numbers, Part III

Working our way from #21 through #32 in this installment. No players have worn #26, 28 or 29.

21 - Vlade Divac No contest, unless someone would like to pick up the Harold Pressley argument. I thought that Vlade was destined to be our 2nd greatest center in Sacramento history, as Brad Miller out scored, out rebounded and out assisted Divac over his first few years here. But Miller has fallen off greatly, and Divac provided the glue that held our best team in place. And he did it all while smoking and not working out.

22 - Lionel Simmons The L-Train was a 17 and 8 guy over his first three seasons. Then his knees gave out and he finished his seven year run with the Kings as a shell of his former self. I gave him the edge over Rodney McCray (15 and 8 over two years) and Jim Jackson (1 season at 8 points a game).

23 - Wayman Tisdale Over K-Mart?  What are you, nuts? See me in another year or two as I hope to revise this entry. But for now, Tizzy gets the nod over Martin's one very good year.  Tisdale's best year was a 22 pt., 8 reb. campaign, and anyone that ever saw him play knows that he did that with one hand! Painfully left handed, Tisdale went to his right less than Michael Moore. But he logged six years with the Kings and averaged 18 and 7 while he was here.

24 - Reggie Theus Sorry, B-Jax fans, but this guy was the franchise the first three years here in Sac. He averaged about 21 pts. and 8 asts. his last two years here (wouldn't life be grand if Bibby doled out 8 dimes a  game?). I will give Jackson honorable mention as he constantly electrified the ARCO crow as few have. I think back to the night that B-Jax dove into the crowd and landed in the lap of a couple of ladies that kissed him on the crown of his shaved head. Had they tried that with Theus they would have wound up with a mouthful of Soul Glo.

25 - Darius Songaila How did we go from talking about Tisdale, Martin, Theus and Jackson to discussing the merits of Songaila vs. Nick Anderson? You guys fight this one out.

27 - None Retired for Jack Twyman.

30 - Kenny Smith I never realized he averaged 16 pts. and 7 asts. on almost 47% shooting while he was here. Maybe I never noticed that because I always compared him to Kevin Johnson and Marc Jackson, two points that came out the same year we took Smith at #7. I take it back, Kenny. You weren't great, but you didn't suck.

31 - Scot Pollard I thought that I was going to have to go with Duane Causwell and his 1.6 blocks per game, but his 5.5 pts. and 4.7 boards bailed me out. Mind you he did much of this "damage" as a starter. Pollard went 6 pts., 6 reb., 1 blk. in limited minutes. And for whatever reason he absolutely owned Karl Malone. Drove the mailman nuts. Beantown is going to love this guy.

32 - Francisco Garcia I'll take him and his upside over Pete Chilcutt, Greg Kite, Jawann Oldham, Rodney Buford and Kevin Salvadori.

Tune in in the next day or so and see if Jim Les, Joe Kleine and Dwayne Schintzius get any love.