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Miami Wants Bibby, Take #348

From our friends at the Miami Herald:

Sacramento hasn't ruled out trading point guard Mike Bibby, and now views the Heat as a potential partner if it does, an NBA official said. The Heat would give up Jason Williams, but whether Miami would move Udonis Haslem in such a deal is questionable. Bibby, due $13.5 million and $14.5 million the next two seasons, could be packaged with forwards Kenny Thomas or Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

Haslem is better than Kenny Thomas, and much younger. He's also a bit cheaper, though the contracts last the same amount of time. Would he be willing to come off the bench behind Brad Miller and Mikki Moore? Probably more willing than Kenny.

As we've been over before, trading Bibby for Williams saves the Kings a full season of $14 million salary in 2008-09, saves $4 million this season (negated by the need to take someone like Michael Doleac back in the process), gets more offensive opportunities for Kevin Martin and company, and possibly re-ignites Ron Artest's game. But it's a huge talent downgrade -- even Bibby at his poor 2006-07 level is better than JWill right now.

But Williams has turned into a traditional point guard. Mike Bibby is a shooter. Which do you think would be better for the team this season?

If the team can lose deadwood in Thomas, gain a blue-chipper in Haslem, and possibly draw a future pick -- then you do the deal. It doesn't sound like Miami is ready for the power forward downgrade, though.