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Meanwhile, in Vegas...

Some miscellany re: USA basketball and more:

  • Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold has a deep look at Team USA's critical problem: defense. For all the talk about the need for zone-busting shooters and unselfish players, the offense has been stellar. Kurt explains why (and how) the defense needs to improve for Beijing gold to come true.
  • Another friend of the site, Steve of Clips Nation, analyzes the whole Jerry Colangelo 'three-year program' charade philosophy. Needless to say, things haven't changed much.
  • StR community member DB just quietly launched a new site I've enjoyed greatly thus far: Movie City USA. DB had an older blog I read religiously; he really knows his film. If you're at all interested in the pictures, check it out. (Frances McDormand would top my 'Top 10 Best Actress Oscar-Winning Performances' list, though. And Madame TZ informs me her list begins with Vivian Leigh. Only John Hollinger can settle this.)

UPDATE: Reggie Theus was honored by the National Association of Black Journalists Sports Task Force last weekend. Gavin Maloof was there to congratulate Coach, says the Denver Post's Marc J. Spears. Don King was also given an award, which sparked a bunch of controversy.