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Ron-Ron Just Knows What He Likes

What was the craziest thing you ate over there?

"I ate ostrich [testicles], I think!"

Lots of good stuff in the interview by Andrew Nicholson of the blog, including this key lesson about the disposition of primates.

"Some monkeys are nice. Some monkeys will attack you."

Jane Goodall is rolling over in her bamboo shrine inside a sub-Saharan cave where monkeys and their primate brethen such as oranguatans and chimpanzees stand watchful guard, as the British do at Buckingham Palace grave. (Wait, she's still alive? Nevermind.)

Seriously, though: Kudos to Ron. Many, many NBA players do stuff like this in the summer (Kevin Martin is leaving on a Basketball Without Borders trip in a few weeks), but Ron made time for a second trip, this time to Honduras. He may be a black hole, he may be borderline insane. But he's trying to do something right, and he should be commended. Even if he likes to eat ostrich balls.

UPDATE: The worldly J.C. Ness takes Andrew and Ron to task for their respective lack of Kenya knowledge. Am I slow because I breezed through the interview without sneezing at the (now obviously questionable) misfirings? No, I'm just easily distracted by shiny things ostrich balls.