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Ticket Plans Event With Reggie Theus Meet-and-Greet, Tomorrow at ARCO

The Kings are having a 'select-a-seat' event from 11 am to 1 pm tomorrow where you can buy mini-ticket plans for the upcoming season. I'm told these plans will include options for the typically tough-to-get games like Phoenix, the Lakers, and Cleveland. (I've personally struck out the past two years on single-game tickets for all three of those teams.) They have 11-game (quarter season) and 22-game (half season) plans.

The event's RSVP only. However, email ticket rep Shannon O'Neill ( by tonight, tell her you're from Sactown Royalty, and she'll get you on the list. Anyone who buys a plan tomorrow gets to hang with Reggie Theus in the VIP Lounge for a meet-and-greet.