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We Have Assistant Coaches

Sam Amick of The Bee says the Kings have hired Randy Brown and Chuck Person to join Reggie Theus' staff.

Person is moderately nod-worthy (you know, you're not excited or anything... but you read the news and nod in approval a little bit). He was actually a middling candidate for Theus' job, and a serious candidate for the Indiana job which went to Jim O'Brien. Person has been an assistant in Indy for a while, reaching back to Ron Artest's stay.

This is Brown's first coaching gig. I can't decide whether this quote is noble and honest or selfish and creepy.

During Theus' stint as New Mexico State's head coach, Brown paid his way to Las Cruces, N.M., to observe practice and game-time tactics "six or seven times," according to Theus. The choice to learn from Theus, Brown said, was calculated.

"I wanted to coach, and I wanted to coach in the NBA," Brown said during the Vegas Summer League. "And I knew that Reggie would be here one day. I didn't know it would be this soon, but I knew he'd get there."

I'm teetering towards creepy.

Still, he is Randy Brown.