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2007-08 Schedule is Out

Here it is. Don't use this one -- the home/away thing is backwards. (Nevermind, they're both right now. Use whichever one makes you feel most pretty.)

The Kings don't start off with the Texas Triangle, but it's close... @New Orleans, @San Antonio, @Dallas. 0-3. Book it. The Hornets seem to like killing us in Game 1, and Dallas is the second game of back-to-back. I can't even imagine what the line will be for that Dallas game... +11? Would you even take the Kings at, like, +15? Not me. That opener is also the Hornets' real Louisiana homecoming. When the most winnable game in your first road trip is against the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS... yeah... not good.

National games: one. (I refuse to count NBA TV games.) It's against Cleveland in November, a thrilling tilt no doubt. Not even a Lakers ESPN game. (Those tend to be exciting.) More insult: the two NBA TV games are... vs Indiana (thanks, Ron) and vs New Jersey (??).

February is fun: a three-game roadie starting Feb. 9, then the All-Star break, then seven games in 11 days, six of which are on the road. I'm sure Mrs. Theus looks forward to that stretch.

Important home contests:

November 6, vs Seattle, home opener
November 9, vs Cleveland, your only chance to wave your arms behind Mike Tirico
December 1, vs Houston, hello Rick!
December 26, vs Boston, welcome back, KG!
March 4, vs Lakers, boo hiss boo MVP! hiss
March 13, vs Portland, first non-preseason visit from Oden

The schedule is more fun to look at when you know your team isn't going to suck out loud.