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Las Vegas Will Not Die

It's a damn zombie or something. From the Los Angeles Times (with a tip o' the hat to Kurt):

Would AEG and Harrah's Entertainment form a partnership for a privately financed $500-million arena project set to open here in 2010 without a commitment from the NBA or NHL?

Yes . . . and no.

Turns out, it depends on how you want to define commitment.

It's significantly more complicated than the answers given by Harrah's Chairman Gary Loveman and AEG Chairman Tim Leiweke at a news conference Wednesday to announce the alliance to build the 20,000-seat, state-of-the-art facility, which will be on about 10 acres of land one block east of the Strip, behind Harrah's Bally's and Paris resorts.

The real thrust of this arena seems to be hockey. And you'd think Tim Donaghy would end whatever flirtation with Nevada the NBA has had.

But still, the threat lingers. And long as the Maloofs own the Kings and the Kings don't have plans in place to fund a new arena in Sacramento, the threat will linger. To me, Kansas City and Anaheim -- and I guess Seattle -- are bigger threats than Vegas. But there's enough there to make you worry.