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Francisco Garcia's Fixing His Mortal Fault

This quote from assistant Jason Hamm in a new feature story on Francisco Garcia is encouraging:

"He's matured," Hamm said. "He doesn't try to press things. He's more in control when he's handling the ball. So he is not always pressing for a shot of his own. He did a lot better job in Summer League just finding his teammates. He's also doing a lot better shooting the ball off the dribble. He's done a lot of work this summer shooting off the drive."

Right now, Garcia is a longer John Salmons. But we've seen glimpses -- in college, last season, in summer league -- he can be more. He'll never cross over into that Reggie Theus mold -- Reggie used a ton of possessions, both with assists and shots; Francisco just hasn't shown an inclination to do it all himself. But if he can show more controlled aggression on offense, he could really boost this team's long-term prospects.