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Die! Bibby Rumors! Die!

This is the summer from Hell. And Branson Wright of the Cleveland Plain Dealer is a minion of Satan himself.

Still, it's not like General Manager Danny Ferry hasn't been on the phone, but he can't trade without any takers. Free agency slipped past the Cavs, though it wasn't like they were going to overspend on guys like Rashard Lewis or Jason Kapono.

The best thing for the Cavs is to make a trade. League sources said a possible deal for Sacramento point guard Mike Bibby is still on the table, but it will take letting go of Drew Gooden to sweeten the pot.

Go away, Cleveland. Go away. Some of us would like to begin player projections for the upcoming season. This is made difficult by, you know, not knowing which players our team will have.

Just stop it, world. We surrender.