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More Martin Coverage

Some bits, both new and unable to fit in the previous post:

  • That story last Friday night which first broke the news of the Kings' offer? The Bee's Sam Amick reported and wrote that ON A CRUISE SHIP outside of Skagway, Alaska. Never say that man doesn't work hard.
  • Meanwhile... Kevin Martin's name did not come up in the first 20 minutes of KHTK's local programming this morning. Miss South Carolina did get some play, though. (Come on, guys: You have to pick up The Bee in the offseason, too.)
  • Amick (who is back in Sacramento, by the way) reports Martin made an unscheduled visit yesterday to sign the deal. There will be a press conference in the next two days. Kevin leaves for Africa on a 'Basketball Without Borders' trip on Friday, and he's due at David Thorpe's gym in Florida for a few weeks of pre-training camp training after that.
  • If Martin doesn't get traded and stays relatively healthy, he'll break Peja Stojakovic's Sacramento-era games played record. That would come around 2011-12.
  • UPDATE: Here's the Kings' press release on the matter. Press conference coming Wednesday afternoon.