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Better Know Your $55 Million Man

Chris the Greek already linked to this in the diaries, but it's well worth everyone's full attention: TrueHoop's Henry Abbott talked to Kevin Martin's high school coach.

Is there a Kevin Martin moment that really stands out to you?

There are just so many great highlights from his basketball career. He has been a big part of some amazing games. But honestly, the moment I think of came off the court, last summer. I was in Florida, where my son and Kevin were training with David Thorpe. I had some family meeting me there, and we all met downstairs at the Residence Inn for the buffet breakfast. Kevin was there with some friends of his from high school. We ate breakfast, and then Kevin got up to grab something from his room before we went over to the gym.

Then he paused, and asked me if we were supposed to bus our own tables. I said yeah, I think so, and then Kevin just didn't even hesitate and picked up everybody's plates and took them over where they were supposed to go.

Never mind NBA players -- how many people would do that?

It's good to know our star is decent people, isn't it?

Henry promises more conversations with those who know Kevin well, something I'm sure we all look forward to.