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Face of the Franchise

Our own rbiegler made his way to the Kevin Martin rally yesterday afternoon. He was braver than most. His account follows.

You know you're at a Kings event when more than one person in attendance is wearing a hat for a Sacramento area Indian Casino.

Marty McNeal had on a South Pole t-shirt, Sean John jean shorts and Jordans. It was 105 degrees and he was smoking. Marty McNeal is also one of the city's best sports writers.

Fans still know where their bread is buttered, Geoff Petrie's reception post-introduction was as loud as the ones for Theus, Martin and the Maloofs.

Speaking of Geoff, if colors could correspond to presence, Petrie's color would always be tan.

Chuck Person and Spencer Hawes used the post-rally t-shirt toss as a shooting form clinic. They, along with the rest of the assistant coaches and Mustafa Shakur, stayed a good 20 minutes after handing stuff out to people. While a Wednesday afternoon in August is no accurate indication of anything, I have never seen coaches and players get along so well with one another. At the very least in the Theus era morale will be good.

Chuck Person is definitely the dude within the Kings organization most likely to be run into at a restaurant.

Given the heat and the time of day the crowd was pretty solid, but without question attendance was at its highest after the rally, when state workers caught the scent of free stuff in their nostrils and flocked to the mall en masse in their Keds and laminantes for free t-shirts.

The Bee has a photo slideshow worth watching.