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Doug Christie's Still Alive

... and DC13 tells blog Taking It To The Rack he still wants to play.

Christie says that while he has not been offered a contract yet, he is receiving strong interest from two East Coast teams who he won't name at this point (for those scoring at home, The Rack is guessing Boston and Miami). He has spent the last several months engaging in his own basketball and conditioning-intensive workout program. Both of the suitors qualify for contender status in Christie's eyes, which works well given his number one basketball priority.

"I more than anything want to be on a championship contender and to be there to contribute and win a championship," Christie says. "I'm ready. I'm able."

Obviously, Christie has an uphill battle ahead of him. Flaming out spectacularly in both Dallas and Los Angeles the past two seasons won't help. It really is amazing how quickly he deteriorated after being traded to Orlando, isn't it? The fact it hasn't just been health -- it was a playing time issue with the Clippers -- reinforces Rick Adelman's ego massage technique, as well.

It's funny... Doug Christie and Chris Webber used to be our problem children, and they were very nearly perfect gentlemen in purple and black. Too bad that era looks like an anomaly and not the norm.