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Rod Benson Really is Too Much

True Hoop has a funny quote from former Cal Golden Bear and current Nets hopeful Rod Benson, who has the best blog by an athlete without question. The quote on True Hoop was a hilarious outtake from the NBDL Championship in which our own Pooh Jeter sticks a jumper and screams at opponent Benson to 'Put this in your blog!' I had planned on posting that here (we all need to see the softer side of Pooh), but I found something even better.

My next door neighbor is Harold Pressley. You may remember him from Villanova back in the days or from the Sacramento Kings in the 90s. He has 3 kids, one of which looks exactly like Kevin Martin. I mean not like a look a like, but the kid looks like a kid would look if Kevin Martin reproduced asexually.

Oh damn.