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More on Orien Greene, Pooh Jeter

David Thorpe, big-league trainer for Kevin Martin and Udonis Haslem as well as a contributor to's NBA coverage, emailed some notes about Orien Greene, whom we told you yesterday will be in camp competing for the backup point guard spot.

Thorpe clarified that Greene hasn't been a full-time project at his training facility like Martin has -- Greene did a program there before the 2005 draft. Greene (from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette) ended up the #53 pick and played a little over 1,000 minutes for Boston that season. He wound up in Indiana last year and played very sparingly.

Faced with the prospect of Europe, Greene returned to Thorpe's program this summer... and Thorpe says he looks great and is really putting in the work to stay in the league.

Meanwhile, his competition will be Mustafa Shakur. Pooh Jeter, the other option, signed with a Ukrainian club (BC Kiev) this week. I would have given Jeter, who played well in the NBDL last season and fairly well for the Kings summer league in July, the edge... but now I'd have to favor Greene, based on his experience advantage over Shakur. We'll see in October, though.