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Webber Fundraiser at Center Court on Saturday (UPDATE: Not)

From Sam Amick's Bee blog:

Chris Webber will be at his Center Court restaurant tending bar to raise money for the Sacramento Chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation. C-Webb mix drinks (get it?) starting at 9 p.m., and maybe squeeze in a question about how free agency is going (C-Webb take the Kings' bi-annual exception of $1.8 million to return to Sacto and drive up ticket sales?). Center Court is located at 3600 N. Freeway in Natomas across from Target.

Here's the restaurant's snazzy website. If you go, make sure to order a Vlade.

UPDATE: The restaurant's website says Webber won't be able to make it this weekend after all. Thanks M1LK5H4K3.