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Drama in the Pacific

Elton Brand's unfortunate injury has created some actual drama in the Pacific division. We all know Phoenix is walking away with the division title, and the Lakers and Warriors will be fighting on the low end of the playoff picture.

But now I think we can seriously question which Pacific team is the worst.


  • A 40-win team with Elton Brand -- think Memphis last year.
  • No Shaun Livingston for a while.
  • Corey Maggette and Mike Dunleavy still don't get along.
  • Draft pick Al Thornton hasn't gotten the best reviews as of yet.
  • Won 33 games last season with only Brad Miller sitting out significant time with injuries.
  • A fire sale is due.
  • Drafted a 19-year-old and signed only a 31-year-old.
  • Employs both a rookie coach and Ron Artest.
Tough call. Poll on the right.