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Home Back-to-Backs? What?

Just glancing over the schedule again, looking for particularly sticky stretches, picking out which games I'm going to get tickets for. (Yes, it's August. I'm a sick individual, I know.)

You know what's bizarre? The Kings have three home back-to-backs. As in, both games of the back-to-back are at home.

Fri Nov 09, vs Cleveland, 7:30pm
Sat Nov 10, vs Minnesota, 7:00pm
Fri Feb 01, vs New Orleans, 7:00pm
Sat Feb 02, vs Chicago, 7:00pm
Fri Apr 11, vs Portland, 7:00pm
Sat Apr 12, vs New Orleans, 7:00pm

Usually, back-to-backs are either road-road or home-road. You'll get some road-home versions every year. But home-home seems unprecedented to me. Back-to-backs are supposed to cut road trips short. Players don't typically mind sleeping in their own beds an extra night.

I checked the schedules for the past three seasons, and saw no home-homes (verifying my initial WTF reaction). I didn't go back further, but I honestly can't remember seeing a home-home back-to-back before.

I haven't checked other teams' schedules to see if this is a leaguewide shift or just an anecdote occurance. Anyone else notice anything peculiar?