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How Would Your Frontcourt Look?

Since we're getting into it in the 'Justin Williams signs' thread, let's get it all the way in the open: How would you divy up the frontcourt minutes?

Let's just deal with power forward and center. Let's assume Ron Artest gets some minutes at power forward (roughly 27% of his minutes were there last season -- but figure the previously terrible frontcourt depth and reliance on three-guard lineups). The others: Brad Miller, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Kenny Thomas, Mikki Moore, Spencer Hawes, Justin Williams. Assume none of them play minutes at small forward (a trivial possibility for KT). You have 96 minutes a game to play with.

How I think the minutes will go, barring trades:

Miller   30
Shareef  24
Hawes    12
Mikki    20
Thomas    8
Artest    2
Williams  0

How the minutes should go:

Miller   25
Shareef  25
Hawes    12
Mikki    18
Williams 12
Thomas    2
Artest    2

My ideal rotation, at least to start the season, would start Miller and Reef. Mikki's the first off the bench to sub one, Hawes or Williams comes in next for the other. Which ever one is left comes in for Mikki or the first Hawes/Williams one in. Emphasize Williams when you need rebounding, emphasize Hawes when you need scoring, emphasize Mikki when you need to stretch the D and Brad's out. KT: garbage time, until he shot is completely fixed. Artest's minutes just average out to that; you expect he'll get a bunch of minutes at PF against teams like Golden State and Phoenix, but none against more traditonal lineups.

Why so many minutes for Brad? A big with passing ability has been vital to Bibby's success in the past. Give it another shot.