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Nothin' Cooking, Says Petrie

The Bee's Marty McNeal got Geoff Petrie on the horn. Here's the result:

Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie left Wednesday for Madrid, Spain, to see the final few days of the European championships. He said there was nothing on the table for the Kings in terms of a trade, so what the Kings have now likely will be what we'll see when they open training camp next month.

Some general managers get set on a roster early in the summer and don't get involved in trade talks until the season begins. Petrie isn't one of those: Several of his moves have come later than the usual rush (the Bonzi Wells trade, the Shareef Abdur-Rahim), and rumors have placed the Kings in trade talks into the preseason before (such as the Kenny Thomas-Desmond Mason talks two years ago, which I've been told by two people were really close to being consumated).