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Christie's Wife Calls for Doug's Return to NBA

Stop the presses. Jackie Christie is blogging over on, and saying that as she lives with Doug, an "elite athlete", she knows he can play well into his 40s, offering a desiring team a player with high basketball IQ, who is in great shape and has experience.

Jackie doesn't just make the case for her man. She stays topical by making comments on the NBA referee betting scandal. While one second, she wonders aloud if the Kings were wrongfully denied a playoff win against the Lakers when Doug was on the squad, by the next second, she offers to "just let sleeping dogs lie and think positive thoughts about David Stern and the NBA."

It's clear she's thinking happy thoughts. In just 7 games with the Clippers in the 2006-07 season, Christie posted less than 2 PPG, and made only 29% of field goal attempts. He hasn't logged significant playing time since the 2004-05 season, or averaged double digit points since wearing the Kings uniform in 2003-04. The defensive-minded former King, who on one memorable occasion nailed Laker Rick Fox with a lefty upper cut, permanently endearing him to Kings fans everywhere, may have once been a long-range sharpshooter who made nearly 40% of three balls, but that time is now long since gone.

Anybody clamoring for a 37-year-old guard/forward to return to Arco Arena to relive past glory?