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Wait, Vitaly Potapenko... On The Suns?

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You must be joking. Surely you jest.

Looking to fill the frontcourt void created when they traded Kurt Thomas and his $8 million contract to Seattle, the Suns held workouts this week with free agents Elton Brown, Vitaly Potapenko and Michael Ruffin. [...]

"It was good to test myself at this pace," Potapenko said after five-on-five play. ... "This team is dominated by perimeter and fast pace. I can't really say I'm a runner."

Vitaly Potapenko saying he's not really a runner is like Abraham Lincoln saying he's not really a living person. DUH.

Need I remind anyone?

Vitaly Potapenko has logged 10 NBA seasons and can safely say he's never run this much.

Like his teammates, the veteran center is in his first training camp directed by first-year coach Eric Musselman, and he feels it every morning. A conditioning test required of all the Kings has been a trudging-uphill exercise in futility. He's the only one yet to pass.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Brad Miller outran Potapenko last fall. And you're thinking about sticking Vitaly in Phoenix? I sense a disturbance in the force Steve Kerr's brain.