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The Bee Makes Our Martin Nickname Official

I've been referring to Kevin Martin as "Speedracer" for almost two years now. David Thorpe dropped it in an ESPN chat once. Now it might have a slightly higher profile:

Drum roll please ...

"Speedracer" - Credit Tom Ziller of

Think "The Chosen One" (LeBron James), "Starbury" (Stephon Marbury) or "The Matrix" (Shawn Marion). Names that define a guy's persona and just fit. Martin isn't just fast, he's "Speedracer" fast, both off the dribble and especially going end-to-end.

It's that sort of speed that has resulted in one of his signature moments (the buzzer-beating pretzel layup against San Antonio in 2005 playoffs). The best part is there is a backstory to the name that doesn't need to be known for the name to work, that being the tie-in to the Martin story I wrote when he was a rookie (read below). It works on its own and has some depth in meaning, which I like.

Just remember when they hang #23 in the rafters1 at ARCO Arena Jimboy's Taco Arena at Cal Expo where Kevin's nickname came from.

1 <Knocks on wood repeatedly.>