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Arena News Today? Unlikely

Before it captures any attention, I should pre-emptively debunk CBS 13's report the NBA's plan for a Cal Expo arena will be released today. Here's what reporter Steve Large says:

Plans for a new Kings stadium may be released Tuesday when Cal Expo publishes its next agenda.

Getting a new arena built by everyone's admission is going to require a lot of investors. No plan has been revealed yet. The NBA will have to make the information public since they're courting the state-run Cal Expo Fairgrounds.

Here's what reality says: THERE IS NO PLAN YET! Jesus...

When the agenda comes out today, the action item for the next meeting (Sept. 28) will authorize Cal Expo staff to negotiate with the NBA plans for a feasibility study. That feasibility study will be conducted over several months and will begin to set in motion the formation of arena plans. That is when real negotiations -- between Cal Expo, the league, the franchise, the city and county -- come into play. The NBA will fully fund the feasibility study; hell, I'm sure it's already begun. The Sept. 28 Cal Expo meeting will likely see the governing board make a few comments about how they will reserve judgment until plans are formulated and how Cal Expo needs to look at the big picture and blah blah blah. And they'll pass the item allowing them to get involved unanimously and without qualms. Plans will be public record... just as much as the railyard plans were last year (which was not really very public). Remember, the city and county were involved there. City and county = government. State = government. Amazing, huh?

I haven't seen Large's KOVR report, because well... I try not to watch KOVR's newscasts. (Call me a snob; call me Ishmael.) This overblown, inaccurate, irresponsibly BAD news story reaffirms my decision to avoid the channel, I think.