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Mostly Miscellany, Sept 22

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  • Tickets for the three preseason games at ARCO (Seattle, Portland and Phoenix) go on sale today at I'm tentatively attending the Seattle game, and it has nothing to do with the Kings.
  • This Free Darko essay explains Free Darko for those who don't really understand but want to.
  • The Warriors have picked up Troy Hudson and Phoenix looks to be favoring Brian Skinner for its reserve big man/Kurt Thomas lite role. Skinner isn't really of the Thomas mold actually; he's more Jamaal Magloire than anything. He played very well in late 2004-05 for Sacramento, even with two bad thumbs. His 2005-06 preseason was spectacular and his 2005-06 regular season was spectacularly awful. (Makes me miss Sergei Monia, more than anything.) Skinner shouldn't get more than garbage time, barring injuries. As for Hudson: He can play, and he's a good fit in Golden State. But I bet Warrior fans hope they don't see too much of him: He's a Baron Davis insurance policy and little else.
  • The Seattle arena situation might result in bloodshed. I hope the Maloofs are taking notes on what not to do unless you want open revolution from your fan base and local politicians.
  • The most important sportsblogging news in months: Jamie Mottram, the guy who dreamt up and executed AOL's FanHouse project, will try to do the same at Yahoo! Sports. He's the company's new Senior Editor of Blogs & Community. John Ness will take over FanHouse's lead. If you're at all interested in sports media, keep your eye on Yahoo!. And if you're a consumer of online sports media (which I think you are), it's a win. More voices, more competition: Better content.
  • I'm doing divisional previews for Ballhype. I started out east with the Atlantic. The theme is Festivus and the grievances are plentiful.
  • If you have suggestions for a permanent name for this (hopefully daily) feature, comment away. Also, add your links in the comments.