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Sunday Miscellany

  • Ailene Voisin of The Bee endorses retiring Vlade Divac's jersey. I'm not in opposition of this. #21 and #4 should represent the glory era in the rafters.
  • More Vlade: He's running a fundraiser in the former Yugoslavia this weekend. Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, Bobby Jackson and Scot Pollard all went. Thumbs up all around.
  • Baron Davis threatens to opt out next summer if he doesn't get a fat extension in the next week or so. I know how glorious he can be. But he's not worth more than $12 million a year in his 30s. A four-year $45 million extension is about the highest I would go. Chris Mullin should tailor the talks toward a 2- or 3-year extension, maybe then at a slightly higher premium. But good lord, was there ever a point guard you need to be more worried about?
  • ESPN's Marc Stein should have his rankings of who improved the most in the West this summer out tomorrow. Where do the Kings place (as of now): 13th? 14th? I think the Clippers have had a worse offseason, and the Lakers didn't exactly get better in spades. The Suns got worse. The Spurs didn't improve. The Nuggets traded Steve Blake and Reggie Evans for Chucky Atkins and Steven Hunter; that's a downgrade. Is Mikki Moore and Spencer Hawes enough to sneak the Kings into the top 10?