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Marc Stein Gets Poetic on Petrie's Challenge

As noted in the comments to the Sunday Miscellany post, ESPN's Marc Stein published his Western review of summer business today. Of the 15 Western Conference teams, the Kings come in at #9, based on Kevin Martin's extension and Reggie Theus' hiring.

Stein takes the opportunity to opine about Geoff Petrie's challenge.

One theory holds that Kings president Geoff Petrie still hopes to move Bibby in the near future to see if Artest fares better without him. Yet it should be pretty clear by now that this team -- nearly three years removed from trading away Chris Webber to start the rebuilding process -- remains more than one move away from regaining its place among the West elite. Sacramento's turn-of-the-century rise from perennial doormat to title contender earned Petrie a well-deserved rep as one of the league's best architects, but rebuilding this castle with the limited assets in his possession has already proven to be much tougher.