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Monday Miscellany

  • Byzantine Sacred Art Blog has a tremendous write-up of Vlade Divac's big fundraising weekend in Serbia, with lots of great pictures -- like Chris Webber and Toni Kukoc lifting a young girl high enough to dunk. (Via Ballhype.)
  • The Painted Area ranks the nations which have qualified for the men's Olympic basketball tournament next summer in Beijing. Host China isn't the worst.
  • This Circle K ad floating around on RT buses explains something about Justin Williams' Red Bull habit; what, I don't quite know yet.
  • Can Kevin Martin ever score 2,000 points in a season? It's a pretty exclusive club, details David Friedman. Martin scored 1,618 points last year, and he only missed two games. Mitch Richmond did it once (2,095 points in 81games in 1996-97), and Peja Stojakovic came really close in 2003-04 (1,964 points). Chris Webber was on pace in 2000-01 with 1,898 points in 70 games. But Webb never played more than 75 games in a season for the Kings, which kind-of kills your chances right there. But wow, 22 seasons in Sacramento, and only one 2,000-point year. Let's hope Speedracer can change that soon. (It's our only hope, really.)
  • Bloggers engage in a 'stat war' and everything's rather friendly. Academics engage in a 'stat war' and things get a bit ugly. Go figure.
  • Sacramento State football, outscored 117-27 through three games. Go Hornets.
  • The Maloofs sponsor a UFC fighter (Diego Sanchez).'s David Epstein relays word Sanchez had the Kings logo on the ass of his shorts during his weekend match. I've never been more proud ashamed confused as a Kings fan. (I'm also mildly upset StR will now appear much higher in Google results for 'diego sanchez ass'.)