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Tuesday Miscellany

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  • Corliss Williamson might announce his retirement tomorrow, according to The Bee's Marty McNeal. Big Nasty is one of my favorite Kings ever, and we know he can still play. What a bummer. Obviously, we'll have more thoughts on this soon.
  • No news on who, besides previously announced Darryl Watkins, Mustafa Shakur and Orien Greene, will show up to training camp for the Kings. I'd expect two more bodies or so. Probably swingmen.
  • This interview with Greg Ostertag is halfway between righteous and gnarly.
  • Brian Skinner is a Phoenix Sun. I'm bereaved they couldn't make room for Vitaly Potapenko (who may be headed to Cleveland's bench).
  • The Basketball Jones has two Dirk Nowitzki commercials in one post. That's gotta be some kind of record.
  • Bucks point guard Lynn Greer sure as hell benefitted from Milwaukee's decision to match Miami's offer sheet for Charlie Bell. Greer signed a two-year $7 million deal with Olympiakos, the Greek squad who was trying to pull Bell. You know what's funny? Bell and Greer will know make about the same salary the next two years. (Greer might actually end up with more since European teams typically provide room-and-board.)
  • I don't watch Dancing With the Stars. This might change my mind. Mark Cuban should be bottled and sold. By drug dealers.
  • Seattle arena debacle update: City folks are talking about pressuring the NBA to refuse relocation applications where the team has an active lease agreement with the old city. This doesn't mean much for Sacramento, as the Maloofs own ARCO and the land it sits on. It does have loans through the city, but that's a completely seperate issue.
  • Anyone else creeped out by the splash screen, where Slamson The Biblical Mascot is caressing the back of Spencer Hawes' head? Speaking of Shawes, you can listen to him talk about stuff here. (I haven't partook as of yet.)