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Thursday Miscellany

  • Corliss Williamson: "The city I enjoy the most is Sacramento, by far. It was my hometown in the NBA, and I was able to finish my career there." (Hat tip to section214.)
  • Another Cal Expo arena story in The Bee. This one talks about how strong the support for horse racing is within the Cal Expo power structure, but says the track and an arena can likely co-exist.
  • A blurb from the Salt Lake Tribune a few days ago: "Price will be asked to shut down the Kobe Bryants and Tracy McGradys of the NBA. I asked whether he'd spent much time in that role with the Kings. 'Here and there, but not really,' he said." If by here and there, you mean in practice, then yeah. Sure. (rbiegler gets the nod.)
  • Kevin Broom is a tremendous writer who's been floating around various basketball sites for ages. He has his own blog now, and it's really good.
  • Another week, another Festivus. It's the Southeast this time. I think I pissed off some Wizards fans with my (admittedly hasty) predictions.
  • This awesome lesson in the 1-2-1-1 press got me wondering whether Reggie Theus' 'aggressive' defense will include a lot of press. The Kings did well with the press last season. Of course, they could only play it when either Mike Bibby was out or Francisco Garcia was in. Garcia should be in most of the first two weeks of the season, so I guess we'll find out then.
  • Forbes doesn't have any hardcore basketball fans on staff, does it?
  • Carmelo Anthony's going to be on the Food Network's Ace of Cakes tonight.
  • ClipsNation rues the Chris Kaman signing. Hard to blame him.
  • UC Davis' fall quarter starts today. Good luck, Aggies. Break a leg. Or two. In other West Coast college news...
  • The Carnival of the NBA has reached #50.
  • New Basketball Jones podcast.
  • If you've got links, leave them in the comments or email them.