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Friday Notes & Links

  • Kenny Smith -- one of the top 15 Sacramento Kings in history, in my estimation -- will write for Yahoo! Sports this season, replacing the valuable Steve Kerr. But he'll be doing videos too, and that's what everyone will be interested in.
  • TrueHoop hosts a magnificent exhibit looking back at the hairstyles of Corliss Williamson.
  • Speaking of His Nastiness, some discussion of finding a way to honor Corliss for being such a good King popped up in yesterday's links thread. I'm all for it. But I think we should come up with something out of the ordinary, to recognize his extraordinary representation of our town over the past decade. Maybe something (artwork? a bust?) we can display somewhere in Sacramento, as a memorial to Big Nasty. If you own a local establishment and you're interested, contact me. If you have an idea, spill it in the comments.
  • We almost had a great mustache come to town this summer. Drown your tears on more mustachioed greatness.
  • How Wizards rookies live. I imagine Spencer Hawes and Mustafa Shakur exist in similar circumstances in Fair Oaks.
  • Friend-of-StR The Sac Rag won the Sacramento News & Review's 'best local blog' reader's choice award. Kenny Thomas did not rank among the top 3 for 'favorite Kings player,' which means we aren't working hard enough here. (And Grant Napear won 'best sports announcer,' which means we might as well be comatose.)
  • Rick Adelman seems to be adapting to life in Houston well.