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Saturday Morning Buffet of Sausage and Such

  • Chris Webber might play in Greece, for Olympiakos. We need Peja Stojakovic to head back to PAOK, to continue the feud. rbiegler says this guy will be the Greek Marty McNeal. And I'm fully ready for the requisite 'no, that's the Greek Ailene Voisin' joke. I know my readers.
  • Scott Howard-Cooper is ready for the season to start. You can just tell.
  • Even if he weren't a 7-foot GOAT (greatest of all-time) candidate, I think Greg Oden would still be a viral YouTube hit a la lonelygirl17. Evidence.
  • Guess who gets to buy a new laptop this weekend? Well, 'gets to' is a bit of a misnomer... since my longtime electronic buddy decided to commit suicide. More of a necessity. Can't even take time to grieve. Pour one out, will you?
  • StR favorite Petteri Koponen will serve in the Finnish army. Gotta be prepared for those skeevy Danes, I guess. (By the way, Ball in Europe is fantastic.)
  • Former Kings coaching candidate Mario Elie is back on the bench, with Dallas. Everyone thought he'd have his own team by now, right? Maybe if things in Golden State sour, Chris Mullin will look to Elie instead of heir apparent Keith Smart.