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Training Camp Roster Finally Finalized

The Kings released the final training camp roster yesterday. Two names we hadn't heard yet -- 26-year-old center Rashid Byrd and 25-year-old center Adam Parada.

Byrd's from NYC and wowed some folks in Seattle in the 2005 summer league.   He's played in the ABA, the IBL, the NBDL, and some league in Kosovo.

Parada made the Lakers' training camp two years ago and the Kings' camp the year before.

Both of these guys are sacrifices to the egos of Brad Miller, Mikki Moore and Spencer Hawes. Neither should likely get so much as a preseason minute.

Here's the full training camp depth chart.

Mike Bibby/Mustafa Shakur/Orien Greene
Kevin Martin/John Salmons/Quincy Douby
Ron Artest/Francisco Garcia/Nik Caner-Medley/Brandon Robinson
Shareef Abdur-Rahim/Mikki Moore/Kenny Thomas
Brad Miller/Justin Williams/Spencer Hawes/Darryl Watkins/Rashid Byrd/Adam Parada

note: all of those centers could classify as power forwards