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More Martin Love

I swear, we're going to keep doing this until someone turns the 'Kevin Martin love' faucet off.

This morning, it's a passage from IMG Academy's Pro Training Center's blog. David Thorpe is Kevin's trainer at IMG, but skills coach Dan Barto stepped in last week to put Speed through a workout -- the first he'd done so. He was impressed.

Though he had just gotten off a plane, it was a Sunday afternoon in mid-August, and his agent was in final negotiations for that monster contract, Kevin was locked into our workout.  After each make or miss I could see his mind racing with reasoning for the result of the shot.  Repeating his follow through, adjusting the width of his feet, staying balanced, pumping his fist after making three in a row, returning to the spot in which he was least successful from, and never once reacting negatively to my intentional "bad passes", Kevin kept a 75% rate of makes from all spots on the floor.  As his legs got tired his shooting became a little eratic, as expected, so we set a goal that he finish all sets with 3 consecutive makes.  Like all the other trials before him, Kevin happily smiled and crushed the challenge. [...]

Always under recruited, under hyped and rationalized for his successes, Kevin just keeps sliding upward, past a  players' dream come true and towards being one of the elite 20 players in the NBA.

There's more, so check it out. Does anyone else get giddy reading this stuff, or am I just insane?