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Kevin Martin: All-Around Good Guy

In July, some of you disagreed with my take on Mikki Moore's focus on the cash vs. joining a team with potential. Contrast the way we felt in response to that story to a Tuesday piece in the Asheville Citizen-Times, Kevin Martin's hometown paper.

Having just signed a massive $55 million contract, Martin looks to be sharing his newfound wealth with the community, both here in Sacramento, and back home in Asheville. Apparently, without too much fanfare, Martin has already been extremely charitable with needy families and underprivileged children. And unlike many NBA stars to whom bling is everything, Martin says he still has one major focus: winning.

"... Money isn't what's going to make me happy. Winning is," Martin said. "I want to use it (money) in the community. That's what really matters. Giving back to the community. I've done some stuff to help underprivileged kids through the police department here (Sacramento) and in Zanesville (Ohio, his hometown). With this contract, I expect to pick it up some, and I'm sure more opportunities will come up."

The article credits Martin with quietly providing Christmas gifts to families in need, and not asking the press along. Also, the day after Martin signed his contract, he got on a jet - not to some exotic vacation getaway, but instead to Johannesburg, where he is taking part in the NBA's "Basketball Without Borders" program.

In a league often known for brawls, arrests, positive drug tests and thuggery, there are some good guys out there. Thank goodness our best overall player just so happens to be one of them.