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The Maloofs Enjoy a Good Pedicab Ride

I'd never heard of 'pedicabs' before today. Apparently, it's like a carriage ride but powered by people instead of horses, and possibly slightly less romantic. A Western rickshaw, if you will. A photographic example, from Flickr user Big Mike NYC, below.

Anyways, a slice-of-life story by Kery Murakami in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer informs us one of the Maloof brothers appreciates riding in these contraptions.

One time, she picked up one of the Maloof brothers, who own the Sacramento Kings basketball team, though she doesn't remember which brother. He had just left a Mariners game when he saw the pedicab and told his entourage he'd meet them at his hotel.

"He wanted to help pedal and he said, 'This is better than the gym. I'll give you $200 for the ride.' His face was getting all red, and he said, 'I'm going to give you $250.' "

Wilvang said he gave her $300, more than she or Johnson each make on a game day.

You know, we could really use these out in the West parking lot at ARCO, no?