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Ron-Ron + KevMar = <3

Might as well be etched in an oak tree. From the blog's summary of off-camera media questions to Kevin Martin last week:

Who called you first after this deal was done?

"I think Ron. Ron was calling me throughout the whole process! I thought Ron was my agent for a minute! Ron was calling and right when he heard, he called me. He was excited. I love Ron. A lot of this was due to him because when he came over (from Indiana) that's when I started to grow as a player. I think it's the mentality and the instinct he brought to this team, so I couldn't ask for a better person to play beside."

How much has he challenged you?

"He challenges me a lot now! He's such a competitor! I think when he first arrived here he didn't guard me too much. But he started seeing how I started playing in games and started seeing how I was doing in practice - a lot of scoring on a lot of people! Now he won't come to any practice without guarding me. We have our little battles, but you know it's good."