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Three Pointers or Slam Dunks?

Before the season gets rolling and we get all too serious, I thought I'd poll the Sactown Royalty community. When it comes to excitement and game changing momentum, what do you think brings the house down, and what do you root for more, a deadly three-pointer from beyond the arc, or a rim rattling beat down in someone's grill?

It's a rare NBA player who can shoot well from downtown while also having the speed and leaping ability to deliver a one hand jam. So, whether for the Kings or any NBA team, you often see specialization between those who play well in the paint but can't shoot outside 5 feet (e.g. Shaquille O'Neal) and those who are deadly behind the arc but lack the physical heft to give a forearm shiver to the typical center (e.g. Peja Stojakovic). And it's no secret there's frequently a cultural divide or stereotype - as skinny white guys (e.g. Larry Bird) are well known for long-range sharp shooting, while thicker black guys (e.g. Larry Johnson) play above the rim.

For me, I love the 3-pointer. It could be that it's easier for me to picture myself tossing down a buzzer beater from half court than delivering a 2-hand dunk. I won't ever be dunking on a regulation basket unless I've used an elaborate scheme involving a stepladder, Silly Putty, and dental floss. For me, the most exciting part of the NBA All-Star Game weekend is the three point shooting contest, and I tend to skip the Slam Dunk contest. One has drama, and the other is just plain stupid.

Whether I'm tossing balls at the hoop we have at the office, or finding time at a nearby gym or school court, I'm setting up behind the line looking to nail a swish, or claiming I called glass when the backboard gives me a gift. I'm not running down the lane ready to gain some serious air. So when I see Mike Bibby launching from three point land, and Kevin Martin sinking a shot from long range, part of me says, "I could do that." Maybe not with a hand in my face. Maybe not with the crowds and the noise, and the sweat, and the clock, but maybe, with the wind at my back, I could make a shot. And if I did make that shot, it'd be worth more points than some slam dunk.

What do you think? What's your preference? A slam dunk or a 3-pointer? Who on the Kings do you think is best at both? The floor is yours.