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GAME 35 vs Indiana, Preview & Game Thread

Dramatics aside, we've got another winnable, fast-paced game on our hands.

INDIANA PACERS (16-21)     105.3 ORtg (#18), 107.1 DRtg (#14), 96.9 Pace (# 2)
SACRAMENTO KINGS (14-20)   105.9 ORtg (#16), 109.0 DRtg (#24), 92.1 Pace (#11)

Indy's defense is average, and Indy's offense is average. From the outside, both sides seem fairly inconsistent -- when you rely on both shooting many threes and forcing the opponents to shoot many threes, things tend to get that way. I should note Indiana fouls a ton, with the biggest FTM/FGA against figure in the league. Since the injuries hit, Sacramento hasn't drawn many fouls with John Salmons and occasionally Brad Miller getting the bulk of trips to the stripe. With Kevin Martin back in some function, the FTAs should start to rise again. My buddy at Cornrows notes Indiana doesn't draw many fouls, which could prove to create a big disparity tonight.

Jermaine O'Neal should be playing, and I'd expect Mikki Moore to mark him on the post. For all his lack of heft, Moore's not been regularly embarrassed down low. He's not going to flat-out stop any talented big who makes a concerted effort to pound, but he at least makes it a challenge for the opponent. It's all you can ask, especially considering the last few seasons of terrible post defense.

It will probably come down to which team hits its shots, because they'll all be getting open looks. You know Martin's going to be up and ready to fire, and Francisco Garcia's confidence is at an all-time high. Indy's been struggling; Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy can stroke all day, and Danny Granger's a highly underrated force.

Game's at 7. Go Kings.