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The View From Section214, 1/12

The section is on red alert tonight as we secure the perimeter to keep Chris the Greek out of our area, especially the yuppie seats.
First three game win streak of the season tonight?
Wow, I didn't realize that Salmons and Dunleavey had such similar numbers.
Biggest introductions ovation for Salmons, nice applause for Theus, too.
12,000 fans?

1st Quarter
As many points as turnovers through the first five and half minutes (6). This is the lineup that Martin has to earn his way back into?
Martin in to a rousing ovation, about half the people standing.
Just like old times, it takes five possessions to get Martin a touch...he scores.
We end the quarter shooting 60% field and perfect from the line with an 11-8 rebounding advantage, down 8 points. Guess those 11 turnovers hurt.

2nd Quarter
Oh, that Kevin Martin. Me thinkst it won't take too long for him to re-claim his starting spot.
Why are we trying to force feed the ball to Mikki Moore?
Oh, that Kevin Martin, with the buzzer beater.
65 points yielded at halftime. Yeah, Bibby and Martin are going to have to really bring it to crack this defensive juggernaut.
Can we get a minute or two for Hawes and 3-Wil?

3rd Quarter
6:45 left and we're within five and the place is going nuts. Must be the loudest cheers ever for a team on pace to turn the ball over 30 times.
One ref down, two to go. Maybe Ron can fill in.
2.7 left in the quarter and you're inbounding at 3/4 court. Who do you want to get it to? Red Lobster for the seafood lover in you.

4th Quarter
Does Garcia have the biggest motor on this team or what?
Tired legs for Martin late. Nice first game back, though.
I hate losing.