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GAME 37 at Toronto, Preview & Game Thread

Oh crap, East coast game. 4 pm local tip. Aargh.

SACRAMENTO KINGS (15-21)  106.6 ORtg (#16), 109.8 DRtg (#26), 92.3 Pace (#10)
TORONTO RAPTORS  (20-18)  109.4 ORtg (#12), 107.4 DRtg (#14), 88.2 Pace (#27)

I suspect Ron Artest will get plenty of work guarding Chris Bosh. And that will be the key, no matter how good Jose Calderon plays. (And he has been playing great.) Bosh has become one of the few offensive forces in the league who can kill you solo; just a devastating arsenal of weapons in his pocket. Scoring ability wise, he's right there with Carmelo Anthony. (In terms of dedication to destruction, Melo wins. In peripheral skills -- passing and rebounding, Bosh is superior.)

On the other end... all eyes on Mike Bibby, right? I'm holding my breath until he sinks a J going left off a reverse screen and leads the break with a pull-up three. I have no doubt he's fully recovered physically; three months, though, is a long time without real game play, especially when you've been playing nonstop with no injuries for about four years. (Don't forget Bibby is typically a slow starter in November.)

Toronto's defense is near the level of Dallas' statistically, but I'm not sure it matters. Since all three Sactown stars will be coming off the bench, added to the Raptors being on the end of a back-to-back... I'm not guessing Anthony Parker's going to be full of piss and vinegar when Kevin Martin comes into the game, you know? I don't know if Bibby or Artest plan on shooting the team to victory or defeat; regardless, this game looks imminently winnable in my estimations.

Go Kings.