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Save Kenny Thomas, Save the World?

You know... Kenny Thomas used to be good. Not $8 million good. But good. His first half-season in Sacramento, he boasted a PER of 18.9. He's always been a good rebounder for his position (and a very good rebounder for his size), and his defense has historically been as good as what Mikki Moore's offering this year.

But, as Reggie Theus has learned, you cannot play him right now. Since early last year, he's been a walking calamity. He can't shoot (a whoa-ful .492 True Shooting percentage last year) and what possessions don't end in missed shots result in turnovers (21% of his used possessions were turnovers last year). Even when he doesn't touch the ball he screws things up, with 3-second violations and illegal screens. He is a nightmare.

Sam Amick reports K-9 (woof!) is getting his shot fixed by Buzz Braman, who fixed Chris Webber's jumper early on in his Sacramento days. In fact, Thomas is working out with Webber and Braman right now as C-Webb plots his return to the NBA. If K-9 (woof!) could see his stroke get back to 2005-06 levels (about 50% from the floor and 70% from the line), he might be useful (to the Kings or someone else). He's not going to get the minutes to test Braman's genius in Sacramento this year, not with Spencer Hawes logging only 8 minutes a night. But preseason is sort of built on these experiments (which makes me wish Thomas would've spent last trying to improve himself).

If this news makes Danny Ferry pull a trigger, then the hard work's paid off in spades. Otherwise, it's a nice distraction for K-9 (woof!) and the Kings.