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On Patience

From the mouth of Sam Mitchell, the ink of the National Post's Eric Koreen, and the link of TrueHoop:

"If we draft a guy high, and if he's not platinum the day we get him, you all start writing that he was a bad pick. He was a bust," Mitchell said. "You all start killing the guy. Then you all start killing the guy who drafted him. Then you all start killing the coach because he hasn't developed him, instead of saying, some guys develop quicker than others. There's no patience with young players."

Keep it in mind when you see Quincy Douby's assists, Spencer Hawes' shooting percentages and <2008 first-rounder>'s <problem>. Geoff Petrie sort-of has a record of knowing what he's doing in the draft... even if those players take a few years (or a second team) to blossom.