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GAME 38 at Detroit, Preview & Game Thread

On to Detroit, a town in which the Kings have oh so much success.

J.D. Friedrich - Cloister Graveyard in the Snow (1810)

SACRAMENTO KINGS (14-23)   102.2 ORtg (#16), 105.8 DRtg (#25), 96.1 Pace (#10)
DETROIT PISTONS  (29-10)   108.1 ORtg (# 3),  99.4 DRtg (# 2), 90.3 Pace (#30)

The Kings managed a 10-point win over the elite Pistons back in November. If the Spurs and Mavericks hadn't both wilted in Sacramento since, that victory'd be the overwhelming choice for 'win of the year.' Beno Udrih was sensational, Mikki Moore solid, and everyone else good enough. On the other side, Chauncey Billups had a bad night and Antonio McDyess didn't play.

You cannot count on bad games from Billups; they are rare and speak little about your defense -- when he's off, it's because he's off. In other words, you can't really bother Billups into playing poorly, you can just hope.

In all, this is an elite team, maybe the second best squad in all the land. The defense is superb, the offense better. It'll take a ton of effort to slow them down on offense and just as much to score on them regularly. From my vantage point, Sacramento's best opportunity would come in speeding the game up (Detroit prefers it slow) and hoping your extra horses negate Detroit's rotation at the top. Even then, the Pistons bench is much improved, and Flip Saunders has been great at doling out minutes this year.

Game's at 5 p.m. Enjoy, and go Kings.